User guide and Accessibility Information for the Koena Website

Un groupe de personnes, de tout âge, handicapées ou valides. Des immeubles sont en arrière plan.

This page is meant to help you navigate through the Koena website. If you are interested in learning more about digital accessibility, we invite you to watch the video « The accessible computer ».

How to pronounce “Koena”

Koena is pronounced koh – eh – nah. Screen reader users can customize the pronunciation of this word by entering it into their dictionary.

Navigating through the Koena website

Main menu

The main menu is located at the top of the page. On most graphical web browsers, the menu text is displayed in a green font on a white background, If you use a screen reader, a navigation landmark will indicate the navigation area. On small screens, access the menu links by clicking on the homepage’s second title, Menu, which is also a button.

Clicking on a link in the navigation menu will direct you to the content that you wish to view. Sometimes this will be on the same page, and sometimes on a different page.

The active link is indicated via the tooltip « Active menu » in the menu area.

There is no site map, as the website has very few pages.

Navigating using headings

The Koena website can also be navigated using its headings.

The website heading has the rank 1, while each section’s heading has the rank 2. Other lower-level headings are used to structure the content within each section.

Most web assistive technologies and some browsers permit navigation using headings. This is the case for the screen readers Orca for GNU-Linux, NVDA for Windows, Jaws for Windows and VoiceOver for MacOS.

Quick access

Links at the very top of the page allow users to quickly access key elements of the page. These links let you access the menu, content, website information contained in the site’s footer, as well as this user guide.

Adjusting display settings in your browser

To change the size of the text, press the Ctrl key, then use the + and – keys to increase or decrease the font size.

Other customization options are available in many browsers, notably Firefox and Chrome as well as Edge and Safari.

You can also install an extension on your browser to customize other display features (like colors) such as the free software Confort + by Orange.

Image at the top of the home page

Clicking on a link in the navigation menu will direct you to the content that you wish to view. Sometimes this will be on the same page, and sometimes on a different page.

At the top of the home page, a background image is displayed as a banner. This image was designed for Koena by the illustrator Zoé Viot. It shows a colourful landscape, with icons in the foreground representing auditory, visual, cognitive, and physical disabilities, as well as seniors.

A path starts from these icons and leads alongside screens of various different sizes (smartphone, computer, and tablet). The images displayed on these screens are clearer and more colourful than the image outside of the screens. The path symbolizes how technology can be a tool to help people with disabilities or age-related limitations access the world, which is also the goal of Koena

Feedback about the Koena website

You are welcome to send any questions or feedback about the Koena website to the following e-mail address:

We strive to provide an enjoyable browsing experience on our site by adhering to web accessibility standards. However, if you experience any difficulties accessing the site, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.