Koena Manifesto

  1. The world is beautiful because it is diverse.

  2. Embracing differences to build an inclusive society; a functioning society is a just society. Social inequality excludes groups of people for long periods of time by creating structural gaps.

  3. Enabling people with disabilities to participate in society is a matter of justice, not solidarity. Inclusion is a prerequisite of the French motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (liberty, equality, fraternity).

  4. We do not accept that a person be excluded because of who he or she is.

  5. Inaccessible technology is excluding. There is never no alternative. Simply accepting it is not an option.

  6. If the system doesn’t work, let’s hack it! Reasonable accommodation leading to inclusion can always be found.

  7. Accessibility makes the world more diverse. The world is more beautiful when it is accessible.

  8. People are our inspiration, passion our driving force, innovation our daily life.

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