About Koena

Koena was created by Armony ALTINIER in September of 2016. With nearly 10 years of experience as a digital accessibility consultant and trainer, Armony was looking to give new momentum to her projects while keeping people at the heart of her work. Improving inclusion through technology is the driving force behind Koena’s digital accessibility initiatives.

Koena’s digital accessibility solutions include two complementary approaches:

  1. Combating digital exclusion: these days, technology is everywhere. Not being able to access these technologies can result in people being excluded from a wide range of everyday tasks and activities.
  2. Using innovation to connect people: when used effectively, technology can be an amazing tool to promote inclusion, connect people and improve their lives.

In Hawaiian, Koena means both balance and something that lasts. This is what Koena aims to achieve : finding innovative solutions that take into account technical and budgetary constraints while maintaining a high standard of inclusion.

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